Voice Services

ITS provides and supports voice communication services and devices at all University campuses, except UConn Health, and at the extension offices.

Office Landlines

Telephone services, which includes installation and repair for telephone equipment, dial tone, and voicemail, are available for faculty and staff.


Cellular services at the University are managed by Motus, a wireless device management service. Through their management website, customers and administrators can submit orders (for themselves and on behalf of others), select and manage their plans, view usage, and request support. All orders and plan changes go through a workflow that automates authentication, approvals, and fulfillment.

Motus provides 24-hour support:

For an individual to be eligible for a university provided phone, the person must meet at least three of the following criteria: 

  • Engage in business related travel at least 50% of your normal work schedule or designated as an emergency or critical contact for the department. 
  • You are required to have frequent access with the public, faculty, staff or students. 
  • Your position/role requires you perform business in the field which prohibits you from having access to a landline. 
  • Your position requires that you have immediate wireless access to a phone, email or the internet at all times. 
  • You are designated as a first responder or a critical employee. 
  • You are required to be accessible outside of scheduled or normal business hours. 


UConn has begun the implementation of a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephony system to replace the existing legacy phone system. Deployment of this infrastructure is tightly coupled with the Wired Access Layer Refresh project. VoIP migrations are being integrated into new construction and major renovation projects when possible.

VOIP services enable more capabilities for our community by supporting VOIP-based technologies, like the Cisco Contact Center Express (CCX) and soft phones. This technology offers flexibility that is essential for remote work, such as the ability to answer your office phone from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.